Christie Award winning author Shelly Beach is founder and director of the Cedar Falls Christian Writers' Workshop in Iowa and co-founder of the Breathe Christian Writers' Workshop in Michigan. She is the author of six books, among them are Christie Award Winner Hallie's Heart, The Silent Seduction of Self-Talk, and her newly released, It is Well With My Soul. Shelly is a contributing feature writer for the Stewardship Bible and a much sought after conference speaker, writing coach, editor and ghost-writer.

Dr. Beth Robinson, Ed.D., is Assistant Provost and Graduate Director of Behavioral Sciences at Lubbock Christian University. She is a licensed professional counselor, an approved supervisor for licensed professional counselors, and a certified school counselor. She is also a popular author and speaker on topics ranging from childhood development and sexuality, teen issues, family dynamics including caring for elderly relatives, and church resources for families. She has written seven books as well as created therapeutic coloring books for children. Dr. Robinson is considered an expert in her field, and authored The Safe Touch Coloring Book’ and ‘God Made Me: The Safe Touch Coloring Book’, addressing parents about how to discuss sexual safety with children.

Jolene Philo is the parent of a son with special needs and the daughter of a father with a chronic, debilitating illness. The author of two books about special needs parenting, Different Dream Parenting: A Practical Guide to Raising a Child with Special Needs (2011), and A Different Dream for My Child: Meditations for Parents of Critically and Chronically Ill Children (2009), Jolene speaks nationally about how to support parents of kids with special needs and how to offer practical resources and spiritual advice with families engaged in the rewarding and challenging task of raising a child with special needs.

Dr. Latayne Scott is the author of 16 books, including Latter-Day Cipher, Why We Left Mormonism, The Hinge of Your History: The Phases of Faith, and her upcoming release, Discovering the City of Sodom (Simon and Schuster). She has also published articles and poems in secular magazines and in major Christian magazines, and she is the recipient of Pepperdine University's "Distinguished Christian Service Award" for her writing. Latayne is a representational thinker and a full-time writer, living in New Mexico with her husband of thirty-seven years, and has two married children.

Jimmy & Carol Owens are pioneers of Contemporary Christian Music. Their musical praise and prayer presentations Come Together, If My People and Heal Our Land have impacted nations. Dramatic musicals—Show Me!, The Glory of Christmas and The Witness—have brought tens of thousands to Christ. The classic musical for children, Ants’hillvania, written with Cherry Boone O’Neill, was both a Grammy and a Dove Award Finalist as best recording for children. Ants’hillvania II: The Honeydew Adventure, and the Bee Attitudes albums have taught God’s character and ways to multitudes of enthusiastic kids. The Owens’ book, Restoring a Nation’s Foundations, targeted for American intercessors, has also been adapted for the United Kingdom under the title Heal Our Land, to accompany the national prayer campaign there. Their new book, Sussex Cove: A Novel of Suspense, is a cutting edge novel that deals with the journey into a man’s memories and secrets that lead to an undreamed of world of political greed and occult spiritual conflict!        

For over twenty five years, God has graciously used Dawn Scott Jones to touch the lives of people through her affecting personal testimony, her powerful ministry in music, her humor, and her writing. “I want to keep it real, open and authentic,” declares Dawn, “God can move through transparency and truth.” Dawn’s first book, When the Woman You Love was Abused, published by Kregel Publications, will be released this summer. She founded the “When Someone You Love Was Abused,” national conferences,  empowering and equipping survivors of sexual abuse, as well as their loved ones.

Don Pearson, author of, iParent: Gender Trends, Online Friends & the Soul of Your Child’. The heart, mind, and healthy gender of your child is at stake. Offering a thoughtful distillation of cultural trends and social movement with appropriate bluntness, Don walks us through some of the sticky, confusing and shocking issues stirring within our present youth culture. With wit, story and simple facts, Pearson brings welcomed clarity to these issues - and then offers help.

Multiple award winning composer and founder of Music for the Soul, Steve Siler, says that this ministry was founded based on two firmly and passionately held beliefs: #1 is that Jesus is the compassionate healer, and #2, that music, particularly as expressed in a song, is one of God’s greatest gifts of communication, with the power to speak healing straight to people's hearts where words alone can often fail. These two beliefs are combined to create unique DVD/CD resources that help people engage with the truth on difficult issues. “Ultimately, our goal is that no one should ever feel alone. We want people to feel known, understood, and loved by others –and by God.”

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